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The final grade is your motivation to improve your grade in the future. This online final-grade calculator is ready to help you calculate easily. To achieve the highest overall course score, you must clearly understand the final exam.
Final Grade Calculator
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Imagine that you are nearing the end of a class, and you are curious about whether you can achieve the desired overall grade. Then, the Final Grade Calculator comes to your rescue, offering insights into your potential outcome. 

What is the Final Grade Calculator? 

A Final Grade Calculator is a tool or online calculator that helps students determine the grades they need to achieve on their remaining assignments, exams, or other assessments in order to attain a desired final grade in a course. This type of calculator is particularly useful towards the end of a semester or academic term when students are preparing for final exams and want to understand the impact of their performance on their overall course grade. 

Before using the final grade calculator, it's important to know your current accumulated grade in the course. This information is crucial for accurately calculating your final grade. You can typically find your current grade by using the Grade calculator. Once you have this information, you can input it into the Final grade calculator along with your desired final grade to determine what you need to score on your remaining assignments or exams to achieve your goal. 

The Final grade calculator focuses on a specific course's grade calculation, while the GPA calculator provides an overview of overall academic performance across multiple courses. 

How to use the Final Grade Calculator 

When using a Final Grade Calculator, you typically input your current class grade, the weight of remaining assignments or exams, and your target grade. The calculator then estimates the grades you need to get on the final examination to achieve your goal (desired final grade). 

Understanding the Key Terms in the Final Grade Calculator 

Your current class grade: This refers to your current average or score in a particular class or course. It is the cumulative grade you have earned based on assignments, exams, homework, and other assessments up to the current point in the semester or academic term. 

Target grade: The target grade is the final grade you desire to achieve in the class. It is the grade you aim to reach for a specific purpose, such as maintaining a certain GPA (Grade Point Average), to get the scholarship, or meeting any other academic requirements. This could be a letter grade (e.g., A, B, C) or a percentage score. 

Final exam weight: The term "final exam weight" refers to the proportion or percentage of your overall grade in a course that is determined by the final exam. In many courses, the final exam plays an important role in determining the final grade a student will get. The weight assigned to the final exam may be different depending on the course. It is often specified in the syllabus of the course. 

For example, a course may have a grading structure like this: 

  • Assignments: 20% 
  • Presentation: 30% 
  • Final Exam: 50% 

In this case, the final exam has a weight of 50%, meaning that 50% of your final grade is determined by your performance on the final exam. The remaining 50% is determined by your performance on assignments and the presentation. 

Step-by-Step Guides on How to Use the Final Grade Calculator 

The Final Grade Calculator then computes the scores you need on any remaining assignments or exams to reach your target grade. Many online platforms and educational websites offer Final Grade Calculators for students to use. 

Step 1: Input your current grades: Enter your current scores into the respective fields. These grades may represent the weighted average in the Grade Calculator. 

Step 2: Enter the weight of the final exam. Typically, the final examination often has a higher weight compared to other assignments.  

Step 3: Input the target: Determine the final grade you aim to achieve in the course. This could be the letter grade (A, A+, B...) or a numerical percentage (90%, 80%, 70%…). 

Step 4: The final grade will be calculated automatically. The final grade you need to get to achieve your target will be displayed on the screen. 

Final Grade Calculation: Formula and Examples 

To calculate the final exam score, follow the below formula: 

in which: 

  • c: Represents to your current overall grade (the final exam grade is excluded)
  • t: Represents to your target overall grade 
  • w: Represents to the final exam’s weight

For example: 

  • Your current grade of the course is 87% (or B+). 
  • Your target overall grade is 90% (or A-). 
  • The final exam weight is 60%. 


So, the final exam score you need to achieve your target is 92% 

The Final Grade Calculator then computes the scores you need on any remaining assignments or exams to reach your target grade. In the academic journey, the Final Grade Calculator becomes a trusted companion, allowing you to predict and strategize your path to academic success.  

Final Grade Calculator - FAQs 

When to use the final grade calculator? 

You can use the final grade calculator when you want to determine the grade you need on your final exam or assignment to achieve a specific overall grade in a course. This can be helpful when you want to set a target for your final performance based on your current standing in the course. 

How are final grades calculated? 

Final grades are typically calculated by combining the scores from all assessments, such as exams, quizzes, assignments, and participation, according to their respective weights or percentages in the course. The final exam or assignment often carries a significant weight in the calculation, as it assesses your overall understanding of the course material. 

What grade do I need on my final? 

To determine the grade you need on your final exam to achieve a desired overall grade in the course, you can use a final grade calculator. This calculator considers your current scores in the course and calculates the minimum grade you need on the final to reach your target overall grade. 

What does 15% of final grade mean? 

When 15% of the final grade is allocated to a specific component (such as an exam or assignment), it means that this component contributes 15% to your overall grade in the course. This percentage indicates the weight or importance of that component in determining your final grade. 

What does 20% of final grade mean? 

Similarly, when 20% of the final grade is allocated to a specific component, it means that this component contributes 20% to your overall grade in the course. This percentage indicates the weight or importance of that component in determining your final grade.